About me

Mikhail Gurevich | architectHello,my name is Mikhail Gurevich.

I have been designing buildings and master plans since 2004, many of them have been realized. Also I have been busy with design and various kinds of business from school. The first commercial website I made in 1998, back in school. At the University (1998-2003) I owned a small web-studio. In 2002 was co-owener of glass products manufacture and installation company. After the Master’s Degree – several years of work in the office (to understand how the architectural bureau works). In 2008-09 was co-owener of a small architectural bureau. And back to private architectural and design practice in 2010.

In 2013, to solve the large and complex tasks, me and my colleague founded
Masterkaya “KSP” – Bureau of “Complex Architectural Planning and Design”.

Since 2015 I help Moscow Design Museum with complex exhibition expositions.

In 2016 I become co-founder of Ant Road Planner – software which helps design and validate system of urban pedestrian routes.

My brain loves to solve volumetric and time problems. I am always open to dialogue.

What can I do for you::

  • Make an architectural research for the facility or site
  • Invent the concept of urban plan or master plan
  • Draw architectural part of the marketing research
  • Design the beautiful and technically competent building
  • Create interesting exterior, interior or expositions design
  • Make presentation material of the project
  • Competent control execution of the project in the life

Projects I’m working on:

  • Conceptual urban planing
  • Master plan of village or small town
  • District or micro district planing
  • Technoparks
  • Recreation and resorts
  • Theatres, cinemas and multiplexes
  • Night clubs and restaurant
  • Shops
  • Villas and single family houses
  • Apartments and townhouses
  • Residential, Public, Sport buildings and complexes of them
  • Expositions

Mikhail Gurevich


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